Quartz Stone Processing Center CNC Router

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This machine is suitable for processing all kinds of straight line or curve shaped edge, all kinds of high-grade table board, washing table board, kitchen cabinet panel, as well as all kinds of stone carving works of fine processing



1. High cost performance of mechanical solutions and reasonable mechanical frame size, easy to replace with an independent closed cooling circuit of the motorized spindle automatically for the needs of lubrication parts refueling.

2. The processing platform uses the whole aluminum worktable, easy to place the sucker, and has the waterproof function, supports the numerical control and the personal computer dual-use interface security to be more comprehensive, conforms to the CE rule completely,

3. Double-sided sealing sucker system can increase the absorption capacity of sucker, the large size worktable is easy to put multiple processing stations, open design, easy to take off the processing products

4. X,y,z axis Independent movement, uses the entire dustproof waterproof structure, guarantees the machine the rigidity, the stability and the high accuracy.

5. Taiwan imported high-power servo drive system, torque, high precision, fast, stable performance

6 . The use of advanced industrial CNC system, good compatibility, compatible Artcam,type3,coreldraw, Wentai and other Cad,cam design software, can control the completion of multi-level 3D processing, can be fast and smooth three-dimensional processing, carving and cutting.

can be compatible with U disk read, more convenient operation.

7.Machine cable adopts Echu Special CNC machine tool Goro cover machine tool cable reciprocating movement up to 8 million times.

8. The standard configuration central oiling lubrication system, easy operation, collective oil supply, so that the machine tool parts service life greatly improved

Taiwan Hiwin orbit for XYZ
Big Chuck for max diameter 300mm
Tool box
Manual Oil can
DSP A11 Control system
Yako 2811 driver, F&L inverter
on switch


Machine ModelRS-3215
Max Working Size3200mm*1500mm
Min Working Size250*250mm
Machine Size51000*2300*2300mm
Net Weight3600kg
Machine Worktable25mm
Spindle7.5kw imported servo mechinical spindle
Guide ways30mm Taiwan CSK square orbit
ack-and-pinionGermany Herion brand
ball screwTaiwan Hiwin or PMI
MotorsTaiwan Delta servo motor
Control systemNK260 industrial control system
TransmissionJapan shimpo reducer
Tool ConerISO40
Tool Positions10*1
Ball Screw Precision±0.05mm
Electricity3P 380V/50HZ
Total Power20kw
Speed of Spindle0-12000rpm
Process Thickness5-50mm
Delivery Time60 days



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