Multi function Mini Cnc Wood Lathe For Wooden Bowl making

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Mainly for making wooden bowl, wooden disk, wooden plate/barrel

Its main advantage is: out turning cutting, inner hole making

                                       lower cost, but multi function, also can customised 400mm working

This model small, but  can make big diameter wooden bowl.


Automatic CNC Wood Turning Lathe Single Rotary is mainly for turning cutting from square wood into round wood or any symmetrical shape. Used for Wooden Table/Sofa/Chair/Bed legs, Baseball Bat,Wooden Starcase Handrail

Generally speaking the cnc wood lathe

1. turning diameter is from 20-300mm,  turning diameter not equal to done sample diameter, done sample max diameter can make is 212mm.if round wood as raw material, can make 300mm. if you need larger diameter such as 400mm need customised, please click the model number or contact us directly, whatsapp:0086 15866646109


2. the standard working length is 100-500mm, 


3. this RS2030 is the Econimic model for turning, if big model and with automatic tool change table, please refer this model RS1530 ATC.

China brand GXK control system

if your sample special, can optional select below chuck parts

Heavy model RS1530 ATC with automatic tool change

RS1530 ATC cnc wood lathe with cnc spindle

Model NumberRS 5030   
SizeMax work length500mm   
Max work diameter300mm 
Machine size1.5*1.1*1.3m   
Package size1.6*1.2*1.5m   
N weight500kgs   
G weight600kgs   
configurationMachine bodywelding body
Driving MotorStep motor 
DriverLarge step driver 
Rotary motor3kw 3 phase induction motor   
Rotary inverter3.7kw   
Transmission way    XYZ axis adopt Taiwan TBI ballscrew
OrbitOriginal Taiwan square orbit M20
Center sheath sizeInner Diameter 68mm 
Thimble size22mm diameter
Control systemGXK system
Carving spindleNONE 
Other functionautomatic tool change
ParameterMax feed rate200cm/min
Max moving speed 
Rotary rotating speed2800RPM/min
Control boxWood lathe cutterhard alloy cutter*1 pc+ triple cutter*1 pc 
SwitchLimit switch*1 pc+ Emergency switch*1pc+Button switch*1 pc


A. This is our first cooperation with you Jinan Routerstar cnc machinery Co,ltd, are you believable?

First we are legal China company, with complete formalities.

Second we have been in cnc business industry for 9 years, with long term cooperated agent and end client, and we work for exporting for 9 years, we deal all based on machine quality and honest service.

Third, we can deal from alibaba assurance which can make sure your quality

B.  how to select the cnc wood turning lathe machine for our first time?

First we need know your detailed work, better show me your sample picture, we will see whether ok made by cnc wood lathe.

And we will according to your work to check which configuration and model is suitable for your work.

 Only for turning cutting or need broaching or carving or not, if need carving, we will check need 3 axis or 4 axis carving.

Second after checking select the model, we will check the max diameter and max length of your sample. Our standard length is 1500mm, standard diameter is 300mm, for length can make 2000/2500/3000mm, diameter max 400mm.


C. Which kinds of industry use the cnc wood lathe machine?

Wood staircase handrail, table legs, sofa bat, Billiard cues etc.


D. How to do the drawing?

You can use Artcam/AutoCad/Richno software, suggest you use the AutoCad for wood turning and broaching, it is more easier. For engrving we need use Artcam for 3 axis cylinder engraving. If 4 axis carving drawing we need use 4 axis software UG/Powermill…….


E which kind of format is machine recognise?

*.dxf/*.dwg for the wood turning and broaching work.

G code(*.uoo. *.plt, *.mmg) is for the wood engraving work.


F: what is the difference for RS1530 and RS1516?

They both can do wood turning and cutting work. But RS1530 only can make one sample, RS1516 can cut 2 samples at one time work.

RS1530 max diameter 300mm

RS1516 max diameter 160mm for double rotary work

        Max diameter 300mm for single rotary work


G what is difference for RS1530 and RS1530S?

RS1530 only do wood turning work

RS1530S can make the wood turning, broaching and engraving work.

All kinds cnc wood turning lathe machine please check the link:


Pine wood,Beech wood, Oak wood, Mahogany wood, Camphor wood, birch wood, Rosewood, Lime wood,Teak wood, Artificial Marble, crystal,Resin glass Etc…
wooden staircase handrail, table legs, sofa legs, bed legs, chair legs, baseball bat, billiard cues, poles, rolling pin, wooden brush handle,wooden columns, Pacilion spire etc.

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