Mini CNC Wood Lathe Machine

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RS5016: max length 500mm, max diameter 160mm,Easy control and operation, easy drawing, can make any shape you want, widely used for making round beads, and many other small gifts


Mini CNC Wood Lathe RS13, for making small crafts, wooden beads,guard,vase,bowel, cabnit door handle, amber rosary……. but cant make long columns which need stable two side.

RS5016 Mini CNC Wood Turning Lathe, Except for the standard function of RS13, it also can turning a columns longer than 150mm, it is with thimble at another side to stable the wood.

Model NumberRS5016
SizeMax work length500mm
Max work diameter160mm for double axis work
Machine size1.4*0.8*0.8m
Package size1.3*0.7*0.6m
N weight220kgs
G weight250kgs
configurationMachine bodywelding
Driving MotorStep motor 
Driverstep driver 
Rotary motor1.5kw  asynchronous motor
Frequency converter for rotary1.5kw
Transmission way   XYZ axis adopt ballscrew
Orbitsquare orbit M20
cutterone inner cutter+1out cutter


.widely used for making round beads,small guarrd, molar teeth rod,small handle and other small crafts.small vase, bowel, pen barrel, disk,shan making,which need drilling hole.

This model mainly for small round beads or small handle, or
mini crafts. It can save more cost than the big lathe
machine and save room for you

configuration: of Small wood turning lathes machine for sale
thick steel plate welding
step motor and driver
Routerstar computer controled system
and you can also make drawing from AutoCad,
recognise *.dxf,

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