Mini CNC Wood Lathe with automatic rotating table

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RS6025 ATC: max length 600mm, max diameter 250mm,Easy control and operation, easy drawing, automatic change table,can make any shape you want, widely used for making round beads, bowel,and many other small gifts


Mini CNC Wood Lathe RS6025 ATC, for making small crafts, wooden chess,guard,vase,bowel, cabnit door handle, amber rosary……. 

RS6025 ATC Mini CNC Wood Turning Lathe, Except for the standard function of RS6025, it also can automatic change tool,easy to change tools, for different tool cutting such as inner hole cutter.

Ballscrew transmission for XYZ
Automatic rotating table
GXK control system
control box
Yako 2811 driver, F&L inverter
with wooden case package
will trying sample before sending


Model NumberRS6025ATC
SizeMax work length600mm
Max work diameter250mm 
Machine size1.1*1.1*1.4m
Package size1.8*1.2*1.6m
N weight400kgs
G weight500kgs
configurationMachine bodywelding
Driving MotorStep motor 
Driver step driver
Rotary motor3kw 3 phase  asynchronous motor
Frequency converter for rotary3kw
Transmission way XYZ axis adopt Taiwan TBI ballscrew
OrbitOriginal Taiwan square orbit M20


Pine wood,Beech wood, Oak wood, Mahogany wood, Camphor wood, birch wood, Rosewood, Lime wood,Teak wood, Artificial Marble, crystal,Resin glass Etc…
wooden chess,  wooden bowel, chair legs, rolling pin, wooden brush handle,wooden columns, Tower spire etc.

wooden chess

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