Mini CNC Carving Machine for DIY home hobby Engraving

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Mini CNC Carving

For Hobby DIY Home carving&cutting work

small size, large function


Mini cnc carving machine 3040, small model but wise application

standard carving work which large cnc router can do, it all can do

and save room for you, you can put it on your desk is ok. as long as you have one computer.

by the way, can use in win7 system and laptop.

Plane relief: drilling. Milling grooves. Milling surface.
Cutting, engraving, engraving, chamfering, etc.
3D round carving: Buddha beads, hand, cylindrical, three-dimensional carving, handicrafts, etc.(If for cylinder carving, need extra rotary.)
water tank: Stainless steel tank customer choice (Carving for stone or soft metal need extra wanter tank)


Model NumberProcessing  sizeRotary size (optional)Machine sizePackage size
RS6090 cnc router 300*400mm80mm*800mm1 *1.1*0.5m1.1*1.1*0.6m
Driving motorDriver Table  type Rotary install wayControl system
Step motorstep driver leadshine T slotCan be taken  

NC studio/march3


XYZ axis Transmission wayOrbitMachine body materialCarving spindle powerCarving spindle speed
TBI ballscrewTaiwan square orbitCast iron machine body0.8kw water cooling0-24000r/min
Frequency converter for carving spindle Max moving speedMax cuting speedMax carving speedWorking efficiency
China inverter 1.5KW15-20m/min7-15m/min5-15m/min  0.02mm
Power supplyNet weightGross Weight  
AC220V 50/60HZ60kgs70kgs 



A.  Advertising industry: Acrylic, two-color board, PVC Board, aluminum-plastic plate carving cutting, all kinds of signs, badges, seat signs, copper, type, font, all kinds of signs, trademarks and other materials.

B. Crafts industry:Man-made stone crafts, souvenirs engraved various types of text, graphics.

C.  Mold Processing: Building model, physical model, bronzing mold, high-frequency mold, micro-injection mold, shoe mold, badge, embossing mold, biscuits, chocolate, candy molds.

D. Seal industry: can be in the horn, plastic, organic board, wood, storage pad and other materials easily engraved seal

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