Automatic mini CNC wood lathe for wooden chess

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Mini Automatic CNC Wood lathe

With large step motor, suitable for large qty production

automatic feeding can make products fast speed


Taiwan Square orbit M20
Ballscrew transmission M20
Thimble and chuck stable wood, with air cylinder at end
Miaohuan cnc panel control system, visual operating
1.5kw motor thress phase, large strength for rotating

with automatic feeding bracket
Supper hard alloy cutter, driller.

Taiwan Hiwin orbit for XYZ
can make bowel/disk
milling cutter and driller for big and small hole
cnc panel controlling system
for longer stick
we can install any tool according to your work:our turning cutter 1or 2.inner cutter,driller 1or 2
Automatic feeding
lathe cutter


                                                                              Without automatic feeding, is this model RS5025

Item                                                           Specification

Max processing length 300mm(please enquiry before order, relate to detailed work)
Max turning diameter 50mm
Air Pressure 8-10MPa
Power supply AC 220V 1 phase 50HZ/60HZ
Max feed rate 200cm/min
min setting unit 0.01cm
Transimission type ballscrew for X,Y, Z axis
Guider Taiwan Hiwin orbit
Main shaft rotating speed 0-2800r/min
Motor power 1.5kw
Control System Miaohuan CNC control system
Motor step motor  
Driver   Step driver   
Drawing Software AutoCAD for turning and professional 4 axis software

Hand controller recognise file



This model more stable compared with the wooden beads
machine, can make small crafts: wooden beads, guard,
bowel, and longer wooden stick.
Higher cutting in thickness every time work. Suitable for
factory high efficiency production in bulk.
Control system more communicate, you can set many kinds
working mode in one sample working.

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