Large Size CNC Milling Machine for PIR board Cutting

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This machine is widely used in all kinds of soft material, foam, EPS, wood, plastic, 

Composite board, etc

And slotting, chamfering, drilling, milling groove and other multi-angle processing 

can be finished by machine.



Large Size CNC Milling Machine for PIR board Cutting

Main configuration:



Name of Controlling Axis

The component of spindle move around left and right (infeed stroke).

Move around left and right: +X

Move forward and backward along working table (Longitudinal stroke).

Move forward and backward: +Y

The component of spindle move up and down (vertical stroke).

Move up and down: +Z

The original point of controlling axis

X axis: The original point is on the left side of working table

Y axis: The original point is in the back of working table



Controlling Stroke

X axis stroke


From the original point, 3300mm

Y axis stroke


From the original point, 8000mm

Z axis stroke


Feeding speed

Rapid Traverse



Max. Cutting Speed



Working table structure

T-slot working table with playwood, with sliding wheel

Machine type

Gantry type




Mechanical spindle BT50



Spindle rotating speed

6000-8000r/min (RPM

Repositioning accuracy


Automatic Tool change

6 tools automatic tool change model, disk type

Frequency Converter

Delta Frequency Converter


China servo motor+ servo driver


Japan SHIMPO reducer


French SCHNEIDER Electric


Controlling system


Weihong NK260 system

Hand Held Control Unit


Control Cabinet


Control cabinet with universal wheel



Auto lubrication system

Tool box

Auto sensor


Machine structure

Ø   The whole machine adopts a stable steel gantry structure and an integral steel structure. Bed gantry annealing aging treatment

Ø  The bed body 8mm square pipe welded entrained steel gantry adopts 10mm square pipe internal reinforcement.



Quality guarantee

Ø  Guide rail: Taiwan guide rail

Ø  Ball screw: from Taiwan TBI

Ø  Rack: From Taiwan YYC

Ø  Spindle: Mechanical spindle BT50

Ø  Drag chain: metal drag chain

Ø  Servo motor: China IVNT servo motor

Ø  Electric: French SCHNEIDER        




Net weight is about 3.5 ton

Payment item

T/T50% in advance, 50% before shipment

Delivery time

25-40 days after received deposit


Machined by high precision five-sided processing center, which will keeps good stability,high precision high tensile strength, static and dynamic rigidity, machine also has good property of shock absorption,heat stability and impact resistance.

Taiwan Linear Guide Rail and sliding block

This assures smooth motion and long term reliability.

Siemens control system and servo motor&driver

RS1530S with polishing

RS1530 sinle rotary without polishing

RS1530S-4 with 4 axis cnc spindle with polishing