CNC Wood Turning Lathe Machine with planner,4 axis cnc spindle and polishing function

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RS1530SA-4  single rotary double cutter, with planner,WITH 4 axis cnc spindle, with automatic polishing function, automatic loading&unloading is optional.

GXK control  system



compared with RS1530S, its spindle can do 4 axis working and 3 axis carving work, it is with automatic polishing and sanding function

so: lathe cutting work+4 axis cnc spindle+automatic polishing+automatic sanding.

This model with double side wood lathe cutter, when turning cutting, with higher speed and more stable and smooth than single axis work.

                                                                                                              Automatic polishing unit


servo rotating motor 4kw                                      3.5kw air cooling spindle                         universal adjust bracket                       Leadshine easy servo motor and driver


double cutter                                                              cast iron body                                              control box                                                 oil-water separator


center shealth                                                      tool box                                                    automatic feeding                                                    GXK control system


RS1530SA-3   with 3 axis cnc spindle

Model numberRS1530SA-4RS2030SA-4RS2530SA-4RS3030SA-4


Processing length1500mm2000mm2500mm3000mm
Processing diameterStandard 300mm
Machine size3*1.1*1.5m3.5*1.3*1.54.1*1.1*1.54.6*1.1*1.5
Package size3.1*1.2*1.7m3.6*1.4*1.7m4.2*1.2*1.7m4.7*1.2*1.7m
N. weight1600kg1700kgs1800kgs1900kgs
G. Weight1700kg1800kgs1900kgs2000kgs


Machine bodyCast Iron machine body
Driving MotorStep motor 450B+450C
DriverStep driver Yako 2811
Rotary motor4kw servo motor5.5kw servo motor5.5kw servo motor5.5kw servo motor
Rotary inverter4.5kw  7.5kw7.5kw7.5kw
Transmission way XYZ axis adopt Taiwan TBI ballscrew
OrbitOriginal Taiwan square orbit M25
Center sheath sizeInner Diameter 68mm
Thimble size25mm diameter
Control systemGXK control system
Carving spindlewith 4 axis spindle
 Automatic polishing unit with


Max feed rate200cm/min
Max carving speed5000mm/min
Max moving speed3000mm/min
Rotary rotating speed8000rpm/min

Control box

Wood lathe cutterhard alloy cutter*1 pcs+ triple cutter*1 pcs
Broaching cutterNail cutter*1 pcs
Carving cutterSharp cutter*1 pcs
SwitchLimit switch*1 pcs+ Emergency switch*1pcs+Button switch*1 pcs
Spanner2 pcs
CollectER25*2 pcs
CDArtcam software



Application Material:

Pine wood,Beech wood, Oak wood, Mahogany wood, Camphor wood, birch wood, Rosewood, Lime wood,Teak wood, Artificial Marble, crystal,Resin glass Etc…

Application area:

wooden staircase handrail, table legs, sofa legs, bed legs, chair legs, baseball bat, billiard cues, poles, rolling pin, wooden brush handle,wooden columns, Pacilion spire etc.

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