CNC Aluminum Channel letter bender

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Five axis linkage, Side rail positioning
Professional for outdoor and indoor quality advertising letters ,signs and lamp house ,like LED aluminum letters, metal letters, trimless letters, the resin luminous letters.
smooth and delicate cutting, , low noise, stable performance,
one button operation and cost-effective, is your first choice of economical and practical device .


With brushless DC Cutting motor , adjustable speed, application of various materials.

With the closed loop self test system, the device features high measuring precision in the long run ,

The whole error is less than 0.1mm comparing with the acrylic panel

Imported side rails positioning cutting, to ensure the cutting stability

Curved arc is rebound coefficient intelligent compensation to ensure the accuracy of various materials forming

With double copper arc bending device, for small arc pat bending, more accurate for small letters;for large arc extrusion bending,more faster for big letters.No damage to the material, high arc molding accuracy.
the cutter is alloy, can be positive and negative cutting, swing cutting,no angle limit,more easy to cut different types of thicker aluminum materials.
The software and encoder form a closed-loop detection system, and the material feeding length is precisely guaranteed to ensure that the processed finished product and the original file are error-free.

Taiwan Hiwin orbit for XYZ
Big Chuck for max diameter 300mm
Tool box
Manual Oil can
DSP A11 Control system
Yako 2811 driver, F&L inverter
on switch


Working PrincipleHigh accuracy auto feeding, auto straightening, auto cutting, auto bending
Application Materialsflat aluminum, edge aluminum,rectangle /triangle aluminum ,super aluminum
Slot Degree45-135 Degree(no limit for flat materials)
Bending radius≥5mm
Material Width≤130mm
Material Thickness0.3-1.5mm  



Total Power1000W
Machine size1400*700*1350(L*W*H)
Air pressure0.3-0.8Mpa
Stepper motor15Nm
Cutting motor11000r/min




1. Mold industry: various large metal loid mould, especially suitable for automotive foam mold, wooden ship model, wooden model aviation, rail wooden mould, wooden mould train.

2. Instrument industry 3-d surface engraving and shape cutting of large-scale instruments.

3. Sign, plastics, wood, molds, etc.

4. Furniture, general woodworking manufacturing.

Five axis cnc router carving machine for:

ABS, aluminum film, bathroom, acrylic, wood, plastic, paulion, resin, gypsum, sludge and non-metallic carbide blends

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