Automatic Cnc Wood Machine For Milling Billiard Cue

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For making billiard cue, we researched this kind special model, with spindle for milling cue.

with automatic feeding, can advanced working efficiency.

with one spindle can milling one cue at one time working

double spindle can milling two cue at one time working

three spindles can milling three billiard cues at one time working


Automatic CNC Wood milling machine, it is redesigned from automatic cnc wood turning lathe machine, mainly for factory manufacture wood billiard cue, pool cue,Snooker cue…..cnc wood lathe work with lathe cutter, but for billiard cue, use the milling spindle will be more stable and smooth.

This model with automatic feeding bracket, it can automatic loading &unloading pool cue.

double milling spindle can make two cues at one time work.

Cast iron machine body
ballscrew transmission
China GXK control system
Automatic feeding
Double milling spindle
Yako 2811 driver
oil-water seperator
double side cutter, spindle as optional
Model NumberRS 1510ARS 1510A-2RS 1510A-3 
SizeMax work length1500mm1500mm1500mm 
Max work diameter100mm 
Machine size3*1.1*1.4m   
Package size3.1*1.2*1.6m   
N weight1500kgs   
G weight1600kgs   
configurationMachine bodyCast iron
Driving MotorStep motor 450B+450C
DriverLarge step driver Yako 2811
Rotary motor4kw 3 phase induction motor   
Rotary inverter4.5kw   
Transmission wayY axis helical gear,    XZ axis adopt Taiwan TBI ballscrew
OrbitOriginal Taiwan square orbit M25
Automatic feeding  with
Thimble size18mm diameter
Control systemGXK control system
Carving spindleDouble milling spindle
Dust collectorWithout  (if with need extra price $160)
ParameterMax feed rate200cm/min
Max moving speed 
Rotary rotating speed3000RPM/min
Control boxMilling cuttertwo pieces
SwitchLimit switch*1 pc+ Emergency switch*1pc+Button switch*1 pc
Single spindle cnc milling machine for billiard cue making, automatic feeding, automatic milling.
Below model is cnc milling machine with three milling spindles, automatic feeding and milling.


Pine wood,Beech wood, Oak wood, Mahogany wood, Camphor wood, birch wood, Rosewood, Lime wood,Teak wood, Artificial Marble, crystal,Resin glass Etc…
 For milling wood billiard cues, pool cue, Snooker ball cue.

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