3kw Dust collector For CNC Router Machine

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RS9030  Dust Collector:

2.2/3/5.5KW Dust Collector For CNC Router,CNC Wood Lathe, Panel Saw.
Single Or Double Bag,220V or 380V. Good solution For Wood Piece Collector.


1、 Long service life, using high brightness led cold light source, small heat, high precision stability of scanning

2、hardware stability, small system size, easy disassembly, easy to take to the measurement site

3、can scan dark and even black objects.

Most of the objects can be directly scanned without surface treatment.

4、high scanning efficiency, can finish the object scanning in a few minutes

5、double camera adopts strict hardware synchronization mechanism, and the measurement data is clearer;

6、using aluminum alloy fuselage, the thermal deformation coefficient is small, and the stability of equipment accuracy is higher.

7、Multi-point cloud automatic splicing.

8、support for overlapping point cloud automatic selection of the best data, automatic cropping, multiple data fusion precision high, no layering and stripes

9、The use of solid and compact appearance design to make the equipment more visual impact, equipment beautiful, lightweight, durable.

10、equipped with lens shield to prevent accidental fall of equipment caused by damage to the lens.

11、easy to learn and use, within 2 hours can learn system operation, 1-2 working days can be used skillfully

12、One machine multi-use, a variety of scanning specifications, can be used small to a few millimeters large to a few meters of object scanning 13、The measurement output data interface is rich: the measurement of the point cloud data for ASC, STL, PLY, IGES, OBJ, DXF, compatible with the general market 3D software;

Detailed pictures

Taiwan Hiwin orbit for XYZ
Big Chuck for max diameter 300mm
Tool box
Manual Oil can
DSP A11 Control system
Yako 2811 driver, F&L inverter
on switch


Model numberRS9030RS9022RS9055 export model
 Moter power3KW2.2kw5.5kw
Bag qtyDouble bagSingle bagDouble bag
 Air delivery3100 m³/h2300 m³/h6000m³/h
Air speed35-40 m/s25m/s40m/s
Inlet size φ100mm*3φ100mm*3φ100mm*6
Collector bagφ480mm*4φ480mm*4Φ630mm*4
Overall size1400mm*500mm*2050mm  
Packing size1200mm*550mm*520mm960*550*520mm1470*690*690mm
 Net weight57KG50kgs123kgs
 Gross weight59KGS50kgs 



RS9030 is one centrifugal dust collector,

With Small size, high efficiency, low consumption, energy saving, lower noise, flexible and convenient to use mobile, and inexpensive advantages. Annual Sales Champion Products.

Used for woodworking industry, such as woodworking carving machine, slide table saw,edge banding machine….

 for wood chips, dust collecting.

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