1325 CNC Router Machine with CCD Camera

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1300*2500 common cnc router with vacuum table, then add extra camera and edge seeking software, then can conveniently use in advertising industry.   cutting shape according to the design.


1300*2500mm size

step motor

with CCD camera

patrol edge system

DSP/NC studio control system

for advertising KT board cutting

CNC Five-axis machining center has the perfect milling technology characteristics of high speed milling machine to ensure that the machine tool has the best dynamic motion characteristics and the best driving rigidity, the workbench Smooth axial movement, in the machining, five axial drive tool movement, around the workpiece processing, to achieve five-axis five-linkage three-dimensional operation. With perfect thermal symmetry, to ensure the machining accuracy of the workpiece. 

The main parts of the machine tool using welded steel structure, all the main components have been strictly two times aging treatment, to maximize the elimination of the internal deformation stress of the components, effectively improve the stability of the components, to avoid deformation, so that the machine has a very high dynamic accuracy, static accuracy and stability. CNC CNC Five-axis machining function is very powerful, for surface processing, hollow processing efficiency is extremely high. So that the production efficiency has been improved several times, greatly saving human resources, reducing production costs!


  • 1. Mold industry: various large metal loid mould, especially suitable for automotive foam mold, wooden ship model, wooden model aviation, rail wooden mould, wooden mould train.
  • 2. Instrument industry 3-d surface engraving and shape cutting of large-scale instruments.
  • 3. Sign, plastics, wood, molds, etc.
  • 4. Furniture, general woodworking manufacturing.
  • Five axis cnc router carving machine for:
  • ABS, aluminum film, bathroom, acrylic, wood, plastic, paulion, resin, gypsum, sludge and non-metallic carbide blends
DSP A11 Control system
CCD camera
with edge seeking software
Herion gear
vacuum table
450 stop motor
z axis tbi ballscrew
Taiwan Hiwin orbit for XYZ
yako 2811 step driver
3kw water cooling spindle


H type welding square steel pipe machine body

1300*2500mm size 

step motor and Leadshine 860 driver

Vacuum slot table

XY helical gear, Z axis TBI ballscrew

NC studio control system

3kw HQD water cooling spindle

CCD camera



Wood furniture industry, furniture decoration industry, wood crafts making industry, large area plate plane carving, solid wood,  Solid wood art murals, MDF Paint-free doors, composite doors, cabinet windows door, bedside cabinets, screen carving etc.

Mould industry: can engrave all kinds of molds, wooden molds, aviation wooden molds, propellers, automotive foam molds and other non-metallic.

Advertising industry: Acrylic cut, name plate make, photo frame making, foam model make,

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