1.5/2.2/3/4.5/5.5KW Water Cooling HQD Spindle motor for CNC Router

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RS1530P Portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, max length 1500mm, can install plasma cutting head and flame cutting head, flame cutting max thickness, plasma cutting thickness according to the powersupply you select, 63/120/200A…..

If with double head, with flame cutting head can cutting thick material, if small thickness and higher precision use the plasma head….

Taiwan Hiwin orbit for XYZ
Big Chuck for max diameter 300mm
Tool box
Manual Oil can
DSP A11 Control system
Yako 2811 driver, F&L inverter
on switch


  • Product name:GDF46-18Z/1.5
  • Rotating speed:18000/24000RPM
  • Rated power:5KW
  • Torque:8/0.6Nm
  • Voltage220/380V
  • Current:6/3A
  • Frequency:300/400HZ
  • Connection of spindle end:ER20-θ3.175-θ13
  • Cooling:Water cooling
  • Lubrication:Grease
  • Bearing No.2*7005C P4,1*7002C P4
  • Weight:6Kg


  • Product name:GDF46-18Z/2.2
  • Rotating speed:18000/24000RPM
  • Rated power:2KW
  • Torque:17/0.88Nm
  • Voltage:220/380V
  • Current:8/4.4A
  • Frequency:300/400HZ
  • Connection of spindle end:ER20-θ175-θ13
  • Cooling:Water cooling
  • Lubrication:Grease
  • Bearing No.:2*7005C P4,1*7002C P4
  • Weight:7Kg


CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is mainly for cutting metal and metal pipe.

Material kind:Iron, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper etc.


This machine is widely used in metal cutting industry.

Metal cutting for advertising making

Metal cutting for industrial parts

Cutting Thickness:

Decide by the plasma powersupply you select


China brand powersupply we adopt Huayuan Brand:

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