Automatic small cnc wood lathe for Russian dolls

RS1560A mainly for small crafrts making, such as wooden international chess, wooden handle, wooden knob, wooden stamp handle, wooden bowl/cup/disk/plate/vase, Russian dolls…. 

It can automatic loading&unloading, automatic turning cutting, inner hole drilling, cutting off…

max working length 150mm, feeding length 700mm, max turning diameter 60mm or 80mm need customised.

Heavy Cast iron machine body

Taiwan Square orbit M20

Ballscrew transmission

Thimble and chuck stable wood, with air cylinder at end 

China GXK panel control system, visual operating

3kw motor three phase, large strength for rotating

Supper hard cuttter

This small lathe with cast iron machine body, 750kgs, more stable turning cutting and can use long lifespan.

auto chuck and feeder, draw material from front, make sure the fast speed feeding and turning cutting

Working video:

RS1560A : the polishing function is optional, if you no need polishing, that will be below:

If you want use welding body, cheaper price, check below:

Working samples:

How to connect the RS1560A mini cnc wood lathe machine:

the automatic feeding bracket, polishing unit bracket,  end driller bracket, the auto chuck and clamp, install the tool holder and lathe cutter

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