CNC wood turning lathe machine with 3 axis spindle

CNC wood turning lathe machine

 We Jinan Routerstar CNC Machinery accept all customised model for cnc wood turning lathe machine, common single axis wood lathe, double axis copying wood lathe, three rotary wood lathe machine, with 4 axis cnc spindle, with planner for milling, with polishing function, special make for small crafts automatic loading&unloading, for making billiard cue, for making baseball bat, for table legs, for bowel making or for African drum making……..

welcome to check models of cnc wood lathe machine:

suitable material:the more hard wood, the better cutting effect.   Birch, beech, pine, ash willow, walnut, walnut,rosewood

Application: wooden legs: table leg, sofa leg, billiard table leg,dining-table legs,Tea table leg,bed leg,

                    wooden stair handrail,stair railing, stair armrest,Roman column,artificial marble,wooden baluster,wooden baseball bat……


cast iron machine body, max working length 1500mm, max diameter 300mm. 

step motor and driver, 

3.5kw air cooling spindle for milling, 

ballscrew transmission

GXK control system

further more:

you can also select the 4 axis spindle or universal adjust bracket

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