1530 CNC Plasma cutting machine cutting carbon steel 20mm before sending

 Application:water pray cnc plasma cutting machine for metal

This machine is widely used in metal cutting industry.

Metal cutting for advertising making

Metal cutting for industrial parts

 And mainly for cutting thick metal . z axis balscrew transmittion with a motor

such as 20mm metal sheet

the max cutting thickness according to the selected plasma powersupply. and material, take iron sheet as example:

this machine matched with 200A China Huayuan plasma powersupply,

can best quality cut 25mm

max cut 30mm

if you select 120A plasma powersupply, best cutting 20mm, max cutting 25mm.

so please according to your material cutting thickness to select the suitable model:

so please tell me your cutting material and max cutting thickness, i will match with you suitable powersupply

and tell me your max material size, will select the suitable machine size

cutting material: Aluminuim sheet, iron sheet, stainless steel sheet, carbon steel sheet, and other metal plate.

can be widely used in advertising industry cutting, 

and industrial cutting, such as car parts cutting or other machinical parts